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A Comprehensive Toolkit of Internet Solutions

InnovaIT Web Services provides a broad range of eBusiness consulting, design and hosting solutions, e-marketing and web-based application development. We are a full-service internet solutions firm focused on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and organizations.
Our services run the full gamut of internet maturity and web strategy lifecycle.
  • Plan

    • Our Strategic Consulting services range from a basic one-hour consultation (often enough to fully define and plan the needs of a small business) to a full-fledged multi-day business analysis engagement to elicit, document, and plan system requirements in more complex, enterprise applications. 
  • Design

  • Develop

    • Working primarily in HTML5 and DotNet (Microsoft .Net Framework IDE), we can bring your data and your service to life for clients, partners and staff by developing powerful tools that automate and illustrate your business value. Our applications have also included development of tools in PHP, Java, and other web-supported languages.  
  • Host

    • We have worked hard over the years to find some of the best Canadian and North American data centres to host our servers and client's applications. Our hosting packages provide great flexibility across a range of client sizes and needs. From initial domain registration right through to complex host redirection, our years of experience allow us to present substantial value in web hosting. 
  • Monitor

    • After-sale support is often more important than finding a place to host your service, and so we offer a variety of service level agreements (SLAs) to monitor your site for continuity and troubleshooting. Application and data backup as well as regular operational tweaking can all be accommodated within our SLA offerings.
  • Analyse

    • So you've got a website - but how is it doing? Our analysis services range from providing a basic webstats page so you can check in on traffic, to full-scale analytics of all your web services including web, email, and social media performance.
  • Optimize

    • Once you know where you are and where you want to go, our optimization experts can help you to reach those lofty objectives by optimizing search engine positioning, tweaking data services, creating channels of entry for specific stakeholders or developing applications that will help to convert more visitors into customers
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