Professional Services


InnovaIT makes every reasonable attempt to safeguard Customer privacy. Except where required by regulation, court order, official authority or applicable law, InnovaIT will not make available individual customer information or data to any third party. InnovaIT will only use confidential individual customer information or data collected for internal purposes, including but not limited to, improving InnovaIT services or extending special offers to our customers. Administrative contact information in relation to a client's domain registration is public information and InnovaIT is not and cannot be obligated to safeguard such information and data from any third party.

InnovaIT does not sell or divulge the names of its customers to mail lists or other corporations without the expressed permission of the customer. InnovaIT will not reveal any personal customer information to a caller, including relatives and friends. This includes email addresses, street addresses and purchase information.

InnovaIT will request prior permission of clients to list their corporate identity, brief profile information and website links on its portfolio of clients featured in both the website and printed material.

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