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Companies, organizations and departments of all sizes require strategists who understand Internet technologies, who comprehend the significance and potential of networked communications, and who can articulate a vision for how the organization can best use the capabilities of the Internet.
Competitive organizations need eBusiness consulting to analyze potential markets, to evaluate the competition and bring in partners, to develop online product and services, to create detailed plans and help implement the vision through marketing strategies.
InnovaIT's skilled and experienced eBusiness consultants have the depth of skills and experience in strategic business modeling, project management, e-marketing techniques, business analysis and technology know-how to help your firm develop a winning online strategy. Come talk with us today.


InnovaIT has developed and adopted a number of tools to support its strategic consulting practice. These evolve from our history of Management Consulting and Business Analysis and our alignment with the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC) and the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA).
One of the applications we adopted (and helped develop) in the early years of this practice is the Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator originally designed by the (now defunct) Electronic Commerce Institute in Montreal. We are happy to continue to offer this valuable tool to businesses for their own ROI assessment tasks. Although the application is somewhat self-explanatory, we recommend that you schedule an orientation with InnovaIT to provide training on the use of the tool, or a facilitated session to help you apply it to your own business.   
The application is developed in Microsoft Excel with VB for Microsoft Applications handling some macros and application functionality. You will need to have MS-Excel (2003 or better) on your computer to use this tool and you will have to allow the application to run macros and other functionality when prompted on opening. Please note that InnovaIT makes no claim that this tool will function as intended nor that it will guarantee positive results. Contracting our consulting staff is the best way to optimize the effects of using this tool.