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The problem with the web these days is that the bar is constantly being raised on design. Pretty pictures and fancy words won't be enough to attract a target audience and keep them coming back. Design is essential in your web strategy - from imagery and colors, to usability standards and search engine optimizing language and emphasis.
Our two primary CMS tools as well as many others we can implement for you, come with a number of built-in designs and/or online designer tools so you can customize your site to incorporate the colors, imagery and messages  you need to promote your product or service. But if you need a custom design or integration between your CMS or website and an application or service, then we are happy to bring our design and integration service expertise to work for you.
InnovaIT is blessed with experts in graphics and design, navigational tools, dynamic and data-centric technologies and good old marketing savvy. Our web specialists are at the cutting edge in web design and development, and familiar with the many dynamic development environments that allow us to plug in data-centric solutions and e-commerce applications into your website or web-based application without compromising your style.