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New Website Launched

Sep 02 at 4:40pm - cmsadmin
After more than five years of developing dynamic and modern websites with its newest CMS tools, InnovaIT finally found the time to put a new coat of paint and additional features on its own website!
"It's more than just a few new pretty pictures and backgrounds," says managing partner Stephen Parsons, "This new site is based on our higher end CMS tool (Insite Creation 2012) and offers us the ability to do a lot of things we couldn't do before."
Parsons goes on to identify the many new tools in the toolbox. "We have wanted to be able to communicate with our customers and vendors in a more substantial way for some time now. Integrating the new CMS will also allow us to post our blog and news articles on a RSS consumable resource and to generate a quarterly newletter, offering clients a whole new set of values."
"In addition, we will be able to add online payment for client invoices, reports from our service level activities, and a sepcial intranet site for special communities of interest within our line of business."
Featuring a revised logo and numerous engaging applications, will become a showcase of InnovaIT's small business capabilities.
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